Amazon Domestic Shipping​

As explained in some of our previous blogs, Amazon has three kinds of shipping models – Self Ship, Easy Ship, and fulfilled by Amazon(FBA). Each has its pros and cons along with differences in what they have to offer to merchants. With many choices, comes slight confusion as well. There is a chance you started shipping with FBA, but eventually, you realize it is much more profitable for your business if you fulfill these orders yourself, and fulfillment by Amazon can be expensive too!

Maybe you need COD for some months, and for the rest of the year, you can do without Amazon’s Easy Ship. These are scenarios when you plan to make a shift towards self-ship. But there’s another roadblock, you don’t know how to! Read to clarify this dilemma and proceed to Self Shipping your eCommerce orders.

Brief About Amazon’s Fulfillment Models

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a premier shipping model wherein you only have to send your inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Everything else including inventory management, warehousing, packaging, and shipping is Amazon’s responsibility.

Usually, businesses that have a large shipment volume and ship to different locations in the country, use Amazon FBA to ensure their products reach faster. However, the products are not very expensive or fragile.

Amazon Easy Ship

Under this model, you have to take care of your inventory management, warehousing, and packaging. Amazon will ship your products using the Amazon transportation network, and you can schedule pickups and hand over your products to them.

Businesses that are just catching up and slowly expanding their business are on Amazon’s lookout for this fulfillment model. It gives give services to Amazon but a complete hold on their inventory.

Amazon Self Ship

Amazon Self Ship is the thorough merchant fulfillment model where you are responsible for all functions including shipping. You only receive orders from Amazon’s marketplace. 

This model is suitable for all businesses that want to ship with their own means and have complete control over their logistics.

Amazon Easy Ship to Self Ship

If you’re currently shipping using Amazon Easy Ship and want to shift to Self ship

Amazon Domestic Shipping​​ FAQ's

Amazon only allows you to collect prepaid payments when you switch to Amazon Self-Ship.

Yes. You can ship with your own courier partners when you ship using Self-Ship. You can also opt to ship with aggregators like Shiprocket?

No. You need to manage all aspects of fulfillment yourself under Self-Ship

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