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Right from the stage when we decide to register a business to the stage of running, restructuring and even closing down the business we find a CA who can help manage everything. As everything happens online unlike in the past, online ca services at TAX VIC provide user friendly, secure and affordable solutions.

Tax Filing

GST Registration

Trademark Registration

FSSAI Registration

Book keeping & Outsourcing

Company Formation & Registration

FDI Compliance

Company Annual Filing

Some of CA Services Online Which Requires No Visit to Your CA

Businesses have gone digital, so have the accounting and tax services. You can have your tax consultant
at a remote location unlike in the past where you needed to visit your ca firms near you for everything.
Hassles of regular appointment, out of pocket expenses are gone after digital ca services. Almost all services
like business registration, tax filing, Audits can be done without visiting your chartered accountant or
tax consultant. Only in specific circumstances, physical presence is required.

Searching Online CA Services/ CA Near Me/Find a CA


CA Near Me or Chartered Accountant near me helps you get in touch with a chartered accountant at your desired location. With accounting and tax services going digital, you can have your consultant anywhere unlike in the past. It has to be through a secure source and a good rated online ca services.

TaxVic is a digital platform for businesses looking for affordable and professional ca services online in India. A team with combined expertise of law, tax, compliance, investment solutions-TAX VIC is suitable for businesses who want to streamline their accounts and tax their business, who are looking for transparent and value added online ca services.

Benefits of Online Virtual CFO / Online CA Services/CA Services Online

Handing Various Tax Issues : From filing out your income tax returns to representing you before tax authorities, having a virtual CFO who works with you online provides several benefits. This is because their services are really geared in tax and compliance area. Offering sound advice, helping you understand and overcome tax issues, and providing ways to answer questions and plan for the future all while being online to serve your needs.

24/7/365 Access : You can get a hold of your virtual CFO anytime of the day or night

Expert Assistance : One of the best reasons to hire our online ca services online is that they provide you with an understanding of how the process works. This means that you can make the best-informed decision about what action to take next.
The assistance provided not only helps you overcome tax issues, but also helps prevent you from getting into difficult situations when it comes to your taxes in India. By offering expert advice, you can stay away from tax issues and even save money by keeping your focus only at generating revenue for business.

Affordable Cost : One obvious difference between hiring a chartered accountant from your local area and one who offers their ca services online is the cost differential. Because the virtual chartered accountant works with many clients across all states, they can provide their services to you at an affordable cost.
Reason being greater number of clients combined with lower overhead. Therefore by opting for CA services online you get the same great service for less money. Help with tax filing, ca certificates, tax audits, book keeping and various Government registrations in India.

Reputable, Reliable Service : Team has the qualifications, knowledge, and experience that is the same as you find offline in your local CA. In short, the tax support you receive is of high quality and provides the best possible support for personal or business taxation.

Peace of Mind : The best reason to hire TAX VIC as your tax consultant online is the peace of mind provided to you. The combination of excellent service and superb for a low, competitive price means that you can have peace of mind that your taxes will be handled by the best.

Frequently asked questions

Chartered accountants are a financial, tax & compliance expert. Every Chartered Accountants expertise may differ, some are experts in direct tax, some in foreign tax, some in bookkeeping, some in other fields.
Availing online ca services will help you save time and cost as there is no physical visit, you can ask questions at any time and get an instant reply.
Also paperless offices are possible in availing online ca services, so you are able to contribute to a paperless environment as well apart from saving money and time.

Tax Vic is not a search directory, However TAX VIC on the basis of your requirement will connect you with Tax and Compliance Experts at your desired location.
Be it company registration anywhere in India or legal representation for income tax or agreement drafting or tax filing or audit of company- TAX VIC supports you for all functions.

The role of Chartered Accountant in any business is diverse, it can be audit of accounts, provide financial advice to businesses and undertake accounts administration work.
Chartered Accountants often specialize in specific areas of practice, including audit, management consultancy, valuation, forensic audits, taxation, assurance and corporate finance.
In short Role is to ensure that business runs with low cost, greater tax savings and full compliance with all applicable laws.

Chartered Accountants are experts in the field of audit, accountancy, corporate and personal laws, national and international taxation etc.
Each chartered accountant has their own expertise in a specific area. Below are some of the area of work that a chartered accountant does:
· preparing accounts of business , filing & preparing tax returns
· Review and manage payrolls, manage and administer income and expenditure of business
· Periodical review and audit of financial information
· Compiling and preparing reports, budgets, business forecasts, recommendation and financial statements
· Analyze accounts and business plans time to time
· providing tax planning services to owners and their businesses
· Financial forecasting of specific business and risk analysis
· Dealing with tax representation and insolvency cases
· Negotiating the terms of business deals with stakeholders of businesses
· Certification of event specific task such as turnover certificate, net worth certificate and so on

Yes TAXVIC will act as your bridge in matters where you will need legal and tax experts outside India.

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