eBay is a multinational e-commerce corporation based in California (America). Through eBay millions of buyers and sellers connects to one another around the world. It is an B2C, B2B, and C2C eCommerce plateform. It facilitates an online auction and shopping wherein people buy and purchase a variety of goods and services worldwide.

Ebay Product Listing Services

(1.) How to create an eBay seller account

(2.) Documents Required to start selling on eBay

(3.) How to manage your eBay payouts with Payoneer (2022)

(4.) What to sell on eBay and make money (2022)

(5.) How to list the Product on eBay

   a. Identify your Product Category :
b. How to list the Product
c. Listing Fields to be filled
d. Choose a selling format | eBay
e. How to Price your Product on eBay in 2022
f. Promote the listing

6. How to ship items sold on eBay

7. eBay Selling Fees

8. Open an eBay Store

9. Best Practices to sell on eBay

10. eBay Rules and Policies

1. How To Create eBay Seller Account

Step 1: Go to the My eBay drop-down option from any eBay page and click on Selling

Step 2: Register yourself by providing your name, e-mail id, and address.

Step 3: You can Sign Up through Google, Facebook, and Apple account.

Step4: Create your Payoneer account or if it is already created then connect it with the eBay seller account.

2. Documents Required To Start Selling On eBay:

a. Documents to get registered in eBay for sole proprietor are:-

  • IEC
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Mobile no.
  • E-mail id

b. Additional documents to get registered in eBay for partnership firms are:-

Partnership deed

Certificate of incorporation

Rest documents are mandatory for all firms

b. Additional documents to get registered in eBay for private & public ltd are:

  • MOA (memorandum & article of association
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Rest documents are mandatory for all firms

3. How To Manage Your eBay Payouts With Payoneer (2022)

Documents required for Payoneer to Get Register:-

  • GST IN
  • IEC (Import Export Code)
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Email ID
  • Phone Number
  • Cancel Cheque

To Verify Your Payoneer Account You Must Need These DOCs :-

  • Address Verification ( Rental Agreement, Bank Statements, Utility Bill ( Electricity Bill)
  • Selfie with the Government Issued ID (Pan Card OR Passport) and DATE written on white paper.
  • Government Issued ID (PAN Card)
  • Debit Card and Credit Card Details to Get Payoneer Linked With eBay ( International Payment Accepted ONLY).

4. What To Sell On eBay And Make Money (2022)

Three categories that sell particularly well on eBay are:

  • New products
  • Used goods, and
  • Refurbish Items

Find out what’s trending.

You can use some eBay tools to see what buyers are searching for.
Some of the most commonly used tools are as follows:

1. Google Trend

2. Terapeak

3. ShelfTrend

4. Algopix

5. Title Builder

How to minimize the risk while selling on eBay by following these steps

A a. Start by selling things you have around the house no longer in use.

b. Buy from retailers in small amounts and sell on eBay.

5. How To List The Product On eBay.

a). Identify your product Category: The product is listed basically in 5 categories:

  • CSA,
  • JEW-Wat (Jewelry & Watches),
  • B&I (Business and industries),
  • H (Home & Garden),
  • Collectibles.

To identify the product you sell simply enter the product name or the UPC or ISBN number in the search bar.

b) There are two different ways to list:

1. Quick listing tool = The quick listing tool can be a good choice for people who have just started a business on eBay. As they guide you on how to list, price, and ship your item based on previous sales of the same or similar items.

2. The advanced listing form = Through the advance listing tool, we type the keyword into the search bar and select “Get Started”.

Listing Fields To Be Filled

1. Title: Include the most important information about the item in the title

2. Product Identifiers: eBay also requires that you fill in product identifiers, such as UPCs and ISBNs.

3. Item specifics: The physical details of what you’re selling, such as size, make, model, and color.

4. Photos: Include up to 12 high-resolution photos of the item you’re selling. The minimum and maximum image dimensions are 500�500 pixels and 900�900 pixels, but 1600�1600 pixels are recommended. Ensure a white background photograph in a well-lit area to make the listing look professional..

5. Item Description: Information about the product, is very clear and concise such as the items� size, dimensions, specifications, etc. in bullet form to make the description quick, easy to read, and mobile-friendly.

6. Business Policy: Payment Policy, Shipping Policy, Return Policy

Now, once your product information is complete, you can move on to the next step.

 Choose A Selling Format

There are two selling formats on eBay one, Auction style two, and Fixed price three. You can choose the best suited to your product.

1. Auction-style selling.

It is like a traditional auction that is run for a fixed number of days. There is an opening bid listed at the start of the auction. Buyers start bidding up from the opening price. As the auction ends, the highest bidder gets to win.

The Sucess of the Auction model on eBay depends on:

  • Sell the item people search for and are crazy to find that.
  • When you are undecided about the price and want to leave on the market Demand and Supply rule.
  • Auctions end on weekends.
  • Plan eBay Promotion for certain categories of Products.
  • You can end your auction 12 hrs before the auction ends


2. Fixed-price listings.

The seller provides a fix-price for the item. In this type as the product is purchased, it is shipped without any delay.

This format is good for daily use products.

Products people cant delay purchasing.

How to Price your Product on eBay in 2022

You need to do some research on the price of your product in the market and then price it competitively. There are some tools to research the product price.

1. Appraisal Tool: To know the trending price of the product.

2. Trending Price: To see the average selling price.

Remember to set the product price always calculate the amount you paid for the product, eBay fees, and the cost of your time and to ship the product.

Promote your listing

1. eBay advertising option can increase the chances of conversion by 36%.

2. One can promote the listing through social networking.

6. How To Ship Items Sold On eBay

1. Pack the item in a way that the product doesn’t break.

2. Once you sell any product, log in to your PayPal account and check your received payment. On the right-hand side, you will see “Print Shipping Label”, click on that which takes you to a screen to confirm the address, weight, dimensions, etc, and take you to print the label.

3. Paste the label to the box and cover the whole label with transparent tape.

4. Take the help of any trading post or a post office.

5. Share the tracking label with your customer.

We can take the help of eBay EGS service which will handle all the customs paperwork on your behalf and ship the products to buyers across the globe. Also, in this case, eBay itself will be accountable for any delivery and any mishaps. eBay doesn’t charge for its EGS service.

7. eBay Selling Fee

 Commissions Taken By eBay And Payoneer.

1. eBay Commission

Final Value Fees (10-11% ACC to Category)

2. Payoneer Commission

2% Fix.

international fee (1.7%)

Per transaction Fee ( $0.30 Fix)

Currency conversion Fee( 2% )

9. eBay Shop/Store:

Benefits of eBay Shop/Store:

1. Bigger Profit and Savings

2. Save Time

3. Credibility and Polish

4. Customize the shop

5. Get Our own Web Address

6. Cross-Promotion Tool

7. More Promotion to shop by eBay

8. Phone Support Service

Best Practice:

1. Inform your customer if delivery is no.

2. Ensure the length of your policies is shorter than your item description.

3. Consider offering a return policy of 15,30 0r 60 days.

4. Answer questions from your buyers as the auction run its course. Be prompt about it, and always be patient, clear, professional, and friendly.