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Interest income statement

Section 139 (1) of the Income-tax Act 1961 specifies any individual whose total income during the previous year is more than the maximum amount not chargeable to tax should file their income tax returns.

Let us make it clear: Any individual earning more than ₹2.5 lakhs, ₹3 lakhs or ₹5 lakhs should file ITR.

The advantages of filing IT returns are:

Loans: Bank loans like education loans, vehicle loans, personal loans, can be availed easily as they require the last three year’s IT returns.

Visa: As Immigration centres scrutinise many documents and IT returns, proofs are a mandatory document for visa applicants.

Avoid penalties: Hefty amounts would be charged for non-filing of income tax returns and hence it is always better to file it to avoid legal repercussions.

So if you come under the taxable income make sure to file it before the last date.

According to the Income Tax Department, the following entities are required to file yearly IT returns:

First and foremost have all the soft copies, scanned copies of all the required documents like your bank statement and last year’s return. You should also fill out income tax Form 16.

  • Step 1: Submit all the required documents to our experts
  • Step 2: Through the registered portal our experts will file your income tax returns online
  • Step 3: ITR form will be selected based on your category, and experts will fill in all required information and claim any applicable exemptions
  • Step 4: Our experts will inform you regarding the tax payable amount if any after all exemptions
  • Step 5: Subsequently your income tax returns will be filed without any hassle.

Note: Make sure to fill in accurate details in every field of the form, and select the applicable ITR form based on your criteria. If you have any doubts you can reach out to our expert and they will help you out.

You should know that non-compliance with filing of income tax returns can result in huge penalties. So why take that risk, when you can easily get an expert to file your income tax returns!

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