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Any retailer’s goal is to drive a sustainable stream of shoppers to its store. After all, you won’t stand a chance of making sales if there’s nobody to sell to. One way to do that is through local marketing. By reaching people within a certain radius of your store, you’ll raise brand awareness—so much so, ideally, that the next time they pass your store, they’re compelled to drop in (rather than drive past). This guide explains how to drive local shoppers towards your physical location through both offline and online marketing.

What is local marketing?

Local marketing is the process of attracting local customers and driving them towards your retail store.

Mphmi Digital Best Local Marketing Company Noida India

Mphmi Digital, the best Local Marketing India based, offers the entire gamut of services in this sector. Located in NOIDA, Delhi, Mphmi Digital excels in Local Marketing goal is to drive them toward the location with the hope that they’ll come in and buy something. You might see it referred to as “neighborhood marketing” for this reason. Local marketing strategies can be both online and offline. Either way, the goal is the same: to target customers within a specific geographic location and drive them towards your store.

Local marketing strategies

Mphmi Digital, India’s top social media optimization agency, offers the entire gamut of services covering but not limited to:

social media groups

Local SEO


Direct Email

Local events

Local Organisations

Online Booking

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